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Using SOLO to structure Design Analysis

When my students choose to do Design and Visual Communication, I am not sure they are fully aware of how much written work we have to do. They choose Graphics for the drawing (obviously!!)
The analysis side of the work is always the hardest part that we have to do.

Our Year 10 students have started their NCEA Level 1 courses already, so they are now the Year 11's on their JumpStart four weeks at the end of the year.
Part of what I have set up for my group is some analysis exercises using SOLO as the structure to support it. I have broken the questions down into slowly increasing depth using the SOLO levels.
Here is the template with the questions ...

The exercise that we did first this week to start us off was to find a picture of a running shoe and post it into the class Google Plus Community. The notes they had to write with their post was answering the questions on the Unistructural page. They then had to write a comment on someone else's post answering the questions on the…

Breaking Down the Standards ...

This year, I have been focussing a lot of time in breaking down the NCEA Design and Visual Communication standards. This came as a result of a slightly more "challenging" moderation report.

I have split the breakdown into achieved, merit and excellence, listing what all the words and terms mean (the standards are not written in the most student friendly way to be honest!! ), what they will do in the project to cover this and then where the resources are on the site.
This has been, first of all, extremely helpful for me to ensure that I am offering project tasks that allow the students to access excellence. It is then helpful for the students to know what the standards mean and what they have to do in their project work to ensure they are covering everything.

Here is a Level 1 standard :-

Architect PosterAS91069Promote an organised body of design work to an audience using visual communication techniques4 credits - Internal

StandardWhat does it mean?What will you do?ResourcesAch…

Jump Start

We are starting Jump Start for our Year 10 students in 2 weeks. This is where they stop being Year 10's and start on their NCEA courses. They have done their options and with the seniors having left for exams, the timetable changes to next year's.
I have decided to make a new site dedicated to jump start.

I am designing it to be full of work and exercises that will give them the skills to get through Level 1 Design and Visual Communication.

Sketching and rendering are important drawing skills to take them through any of their design projects. The research and analysis tabs are the two areas that are key to getting their achievement up into the merit and excellence levels.The Google Plus Community is our place where we work together and support each other.Ako Ngatahi is a new idea for next year.  I want the students to start making the how to's and rewindable learning elements, as well as me. How we present this is up for grabs at the moment - blog, site YouTube channel - I …