Teacher Only Day 27th March 2017

We had our teacher only day today.
The focus was on:-

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy with Stephen RoweWide and Deep Reading with Aaron WilsonAn introduction to "Understanding Behaviour - Responding Safely" Here are my notes. They were hand written on an iPad app called Notes Plus and exported out as images.

Using Learnings from Past Inquiries

I have spent a bit of time this morning reading through the inquiry blogs of other members of our cluster of schools.
While I was reading, it occurred to me to think about the previous inquiries that I have been involved in and how I am using that information in my teaching now.

Surely the only reason to do an inquiry is to get something out of it that is going to be useful to you?

For two years (2014 and 2015), I have been lucky enough to be involved in the Manaiakalani Innovative Teacher initiative.


I am looking at how to extend my use of blended learning at Levels 1, 2 and 3 in Design and Visual
Communication, and how this can raise the achievement of the students.

As I have a junior class again, this will also used in the junior school with the target that it prepares students for choosing DVC at Level 1.

In DVC, the students have to produce a lot of work on paper in the form of sketches and rendered drawings. They also make 3D models. I want to focus on how this is blended t…

Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir - Lesson 3

Direct Instruction

As the students come into the room, they will be all gathered around the front table to receive the same introduction talk.Year 11, 12 and 13 will all be working on a Design Elements exercise and we will talk about what the expectations are together.

Their focus for the exercise will be different in each yea group - the Year 11 focus is on their chosen architect, the Year 12 focus is on their chosen design era and the Year 13 focus is on the abstractions of their chosen starting point.

I want them all to see that the Design Elements are key across the NCEA levels and across all design projects.

Recorded Lesson Sessions

Lesson Plan

Lesson Topic :- Analysis of work in relation to Design ElementsLevel 1 - Architect Analysis - AS91069Level 2 - Design Era Analysis - AS91340Level 3 - Simplifications and Abstractions from starting points - AS91627Year Group :- Year 12 and Year 13Learning OutcomeYear 11To understand how the main design elements are used in the work of their c…

Introduction to Photoshop - Professional Development

Introduction to Photoshop
20th and 21st March

Link to notes from the 2 day course.

Student Voice - Year 12 First Standard

We have recently finished the first standard at NCEA Level 2 (AS91354), so I sent the students a Google Form with questions on it to get some student voice / feedback about how they thought it went.
I have a lot more students than 7 but these are the answers I have so far....

Quite a large percentage of my Level 2 group are students who did not do Design and Visualisation at Level 1 last year.

I get the impression that they didn't really understand this question!!
I thought it would be good to compare but I obviously need to go over what I mean by this question before I ask a similar one again.

While I am pleased that there is no answers in the 1 and 2 area, I need to put some thought into this as some that are only half way up is not good enough.

What worries me in this set of answers is the 4 sitting on "wait"and I am thinking about this and the previous question about getting enough teacher time. This has made me think about using "back channels" in the clas…

Embedding New Learning ...

With my intermediate class this morning, we were learning how to use TinkerCad.
We went through a simple some simple skills that will take them through more complex tasks :-
WorkplanesGrouping shapesUsing holes These are the tasks we went through today ...

We made small skill videos with the iPads after this where the students could pick which element they wanted to highlight and record the screen and themselves talking. We then shared those videos in our class shared folder on Google Drive so the students can see each others videos and remind themselves of what was covered today. This was a good way to get them to talk about what they had been doing during the session as it makes it clearer to them as they plan what they are going to say. Here are todays videos :-

Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir - Lesson 2

Click on the image to go to the inquiries of everyone in the Class OnAir 2017 Group
Direct Instruction
Students will be instructed as they come into the room to log straight onto their portfolio sites where there is an embedded calendar.
Notes on this calendar will give tasks and links for both groups to understand what they have to do for the lesson straight away without continuous contact with the teacher.
The teacher will then have the chance to give direct instruction, guidance and discussion with the individuals or groups of Level 2 and Level 3 student groups.
Level 2 students are working on AS91340 - an internal DVC standard - working on analysis of a design era.
Level 3 students are working on AS91627 - an external DVC standard - working on simplification and abstraction of their observational drawings.
Students will be given iPads this lesson to record their own content for this lesson. The students will also be able to use this content as evidence on their design portfolios.