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SOLO structured thinking charts

Here are thinking charts that are made on Google Drawings that are structured around SOLO taxonomy.
LINK to folder here
They are colour coded to match the SOLO levels on the poster ...

Presentation about Blogging

In our staff PD session this afternoon, I presented to staff about how to start their own blog. We have been working with students on their blogs but this is totally different to setting one up of your own.
These blogs for staff are geared towards being able to use them for professional blogging and inquiries.
So we started right at the start and I had half an hour to get through making a blog, using labels, putting in pictures and embedding videos. I made a presentation with the steps in, mainly so staff could be looking at that and their own screens rather than me!!. This was my first whole presenation ... phew...
But...job done. We all have blogs.
Next steps...adding widgets and automatic functionality.

Here is today's presentation - the basics...

Manaiakalani Google Class On Air - Lesson 1

Today was my first recording for Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir. It was quite an experience and can be summed up with this image ...

Check out the whole group of us doing Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir here

Direct Instruction

Students will be instructed as they come into the room to log straight onto their portfolio sites where there is an embedded calendar.

Notes on this calendar will give tasks and links for both groups to understand what they have to do for the lesson straight away without continuous contact with the teacher.

The teacher will then have the chance to give direct instruction, guidance and discussion with the individual Level 2 and Level 3 student groups.

Level 2 students are working on AS91354 - an internal Technology standard.
Level 2 students are working on AS91627 - an external DVC standard.

Lesson Plan
Lesson Topic :- Routines and getting lesson instructions from the online tools.Level 2 - Stakeholders opinions and product description - AS91354Level 3 - Sketches f…

Making up SOLO stories with Year 7 students

I have a new Year 7 intermediate class for Technology. Today we were using SOLO taxonomy to do product research.

Here is the worksheet we were working through together :-

As we were going through all the levels of SOLO and explaining what each of them meant, we were referring to this poster that is on the walls of every class room at Tamaki College. I was pointing to each of the diagrams and getting the students to describe them.  We were then coming up with answers to the research questions together. Part of what we did today was try to really understand what each of the levels MEAN. To help this, we came up with a story.....Unistructural is a lonely little yellow block in the playground. He is by himself.Multistructural is lots of little green blocks in the playground. The are wandering around alone, not talking to each other.Relational is lots of little blue blocks walking round the playground with their arms linked. They are talking and telling each other what they like to do, eat…

Credit Totals and Termly Standard Protocol

We have an expectation to offer a minimum number of credits per term so the students have got the chance to achieve AT LEAST 16 at Level 1, 14 at Level 2 and 14 at Level 3 in each subject. In this way, they can collect enough between all the subjects to pass NCEA.
The termly standard protocol is so that students can achieve credits steadily over the year and not be trying to get them all at the end. This is also motivating for students if they see credits going in so early in the year. A course needs to be set up so that students are achieving a standard, at least, by the end of each term.

Here is how these protocols have been planned for in Design and Visual Communication in 2017
Link to the class site on the video here

Planning to include Kia Eke Panuku

All through last year, the whole staff had sessions all together where we focussed on Kia Eke Panuku. 
I have to admit, that I struggled all through this. I could not see what I was doing and how it fit in, or what I was not doing, so what I needed to focus on.

I began to see the light a little towards the end of the year when a fellow teacher and member of another team I am in told me what she thought I was good at. The light bulb wasn't fully on but it was beginning to glimmer.

This is how I decided to move forwards :-

In the spirit of Kotahitanga and Ako, and a focus on Level 2, as they were the topic of the Change Committee,  I got two of the current Level 2 students last year to help me design the course for this year. Blog post 1Blog post 2.

The main way I am approaching it this year, is to include group work in NCEA. I had restructured the Level 2 course to include a couple of Technology standards as well as the DVC standards. This way, if I got the project structure corre…

Preparing for Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir

In preparation for the first episode of Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir in the next week, we had a go of the camera in the lesson today. As I said to my classes, we need to get used to the camera and act like it is not there. I said WE as them and I need to do this!!
The two classes I am going to show for OnAir are my two NCEA Design and Visual Communication classes. One is a large mixed class of NCEA level 1, 2 and 3 and the other class is a smaller group of mixed Level 2 and 3. They were not all present today, but that is the reality in a classroom all the time anyway.
These two videos show most of the lessons today. One was a double period and the other a single period. They are not edited at all and is the first experience for both me and the students of having a camera film everything we do. There is the usual "playing" with the camera at times!!

Here is the link to the class site where the project instructions are for the students.
Level 1 Level 2Level 3

Level 1 are wor…

Not sweating the small stuff....

Today, I had both of my Design and Visual Communication senior classes. On of them is a mix of NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 and the other is a mix of NCEA Level 2 and 3. So... lots of fun to be had (!!!)

The double session this morning was Level 1, 2 and 3.
Level 1 were producing thumbnail sketches of possible poster layouts to showcase the work of a chosen architect. We went over the 3 elements they were going to worry about for these thumbnails - the image (just draw boxes), the title (rough where it is going) and the written information (a series of lines in the pace where the writing would go).
Level 2 were working in small teams to produce mood boards about design eras to show to their client. They had started this yesterday so the first thing we had to do was sort out the students who were absent yesterday and didn't have a team. We ran a little auction to see who was going where. Cue printing off loads of pictures, cutting and sticking and mess everywhere.
Level 3 are drawing from…