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Extending Student Thinking in DVC

We have been doing a lot of work in the Technology department recently about looking at how we are using SOLO taxonomy to extend the thinking of our students.We aim to hit the new year running with a plan to get the most out of our students. We want them working more often in that top level of Extended Abstract. Link Here to about Solo Taxonomy.

So the question to me is, how can I extend the thinking of my students in DVC ( Design and Visual Communication, formerly know as Graphics ) up into the higher levels of SOLO while using the online learning environment that I have been creating for my students.
We started by thinking about how to get our junior students up to level 5 of the curriculum by using SOLO as the structure in order to do this.What could I do to support the students with the higher level of thinking skills that are needed?How can I use our online work to structure this?
As a department we were thinking about questions that we can apply to our project work t…